10th November 2014
Hi Tim,
Hope you are doing well.

Thanks again for giving myself and my agents the opportunity to experience the sidecar activity. They all loved it!! Here is some of their feedback.

Visions of Africa – Abbey Thomas (abbey@visionsholidaygroup.co.uk)
SIDECAR RIDE: What a treat. I have never been on a motorbike before and this was a highlight for me. Very unique and so pleased that this was showcased to us as it would not be something one would even think of! The guys on the bikes were fabulous fun and made the experience safe but thoroughly enjoyable. Would I do it again – hell yeah!

Black Tomato – Astrid Decrop (astrid@blacktomato.com)
SIDECAR RIDE: What a fantastic surprise! So much fun and the bikers were so friendly. I really enjoyed the “full package biker experience”: the leather jacket and bandana. Great way to drive along the coast.

Azure Collection – Julie Crump (julie.crump@azurecollection.com)
SIDECAR RIDE: Absolutely brilliant – a great idea & a lovely surprise. The drivers made you feel safe.

Distinctive Africa – Mike Bride
SIDECAR RIDE: Really enjoyed this surprise excursion. Excellent for clients looking for something different. The guys were knowledgeable and very friendly. I think the full day tour to the Cape Peninsula would be a really unique and special excursion.

Best at Travel – Nelash Patel (nelash.patel@bestattravel.co.uk)
SIDECAR RIDE: Fantastic experience and a great surprise. Would definitely recommend to a keen biker enthusiast, Pleasantly comfortable and great views riding along the cost.

Destinology – Nikkie Prince (Nikkie.prince@destinology.co.uk)
SIDECAR RIDE: This was really great fun. Something you wouldn’t do every day. The staff were all really friendly and made the experience so fun. Loved having to put on a bandana and leather jacket too!

Sunset Faraway Holidays – Michaela Shortt (michaelas@sunset.co.uk)
SIDECAR RIDE: Crazy! What a way to travel. Will definitely offer this as an alternative form of transport.

Kind regards
Nicky De Oliveira
Product Manager|Tour d’Afrique