Terms and conditions



  1. All reservations, amendments & cancellations will only be accepted in writing, via WhatsApp or email. Quotations will be provided on request for any services not specified in the price list.
  2. Cancellation Policy: If a confirmed reservation is cancelled, cancellation fees (as a % of the full invoiced amount) will be levied as follows:
    (Please also refer to WET WEATHER Clause 10 & COVID clause 11, below)                              
    1. Cancellation more than 7 days prior to commencement of tour - 0%
    2. Cancellation between 7 days and 3 days prior to commencement of tour - 50%
    3. Cancellation less than 72 hours prior to commencement of tour - 100%
  1. If a passenger(s) fails to join the tour, or joins it after departure, or leaves it prior to completion, no refund, pro-rata’d or otherwise, will be given. Whilst CSA will make every endeavour to follow the agreed itinerary on the day, it is understood that re-routing may become necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. (e.g.: road closures, traffic congestion, unsafe conditions). PLEASE NOTE: Pickups and/or drop-offs outside the CBD may affect the duration of the outing.
  2. Delayed Pick-up policy: CSA allows a 30-minute leeway with agreed pick-up times throughout the tour. Should the client’s group exceed this leeway, after being verbally informed of the consequences, CSA can choose to either withdraw the sidecars & terminate the tour at full cost to the client, or choose to wait, with an additional charge of R300/sidecar per 30 minutes being levied.
  3. Payment Policy: A minimum payment of 50% of full invoiced cost is required to secure a booking unless otherwise agreed in writing with CSA. Balance outstanding must be paid in full at least 1 week prior to the outing. Failing this, CSA reserves the right to cancel the booking & withhold deposits already paid in accordance with the cancellation policy per Clause 2 (above).
  4. Under no circumstance will CSA convey any passengers unless an indemnity form has been completed and signed by all passengers prior to departure. During COVID lockdown legislation, a COVID questionnaire must be also completed by a member of each group participating in the tour.
  5. All sidecar passengers are automatically covered by our Passenger Liability Insurance cover for up to R2 million per event.
  6. Once the tour has commenced, CSA shall not be liable for any loss or expense arising from the loss or damage of property, cancellation, or curtailment of any tour/transfer however caused. If sickness or accident interrupts a tour/transfer, CSA shall not be liable for any cost or expense arising therefrom. CSA shall not be liable for any refund, either partial or total. CSA recommends that clients advise their guests to purchase appropriate insurance to protect themselves against such eventuality.
  7. The tour fee quoted covers fuel for up to 200km’s, insurances, use of biking gear (helmets, leather jackets, goggles) + plus 1 complimentary bandana per passenger.


    If there is a possibility of rain on the day of the tour, clients can decide, AT THE LATEST, by 4.00pm the day before the tour, to either:
    1. Elect to take the tour/transfer at a later date agreed upon by CSA & the client OR use the credit available towards a future sidecar outing.
    2. Elect to take the planned tour/transfer with wet-weather gear provided by CSA. (If this option is taken, a back-up vehicle at the client’s cost is recommended)
    3. Elect to accept a full refund if booking cannot be rescheduled.

After the client has agreed to commence with the tour/transfer (either verbally or in writing), CSA will have no financial obligation towards the client should the weather become rainy.

  1. COVID CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENT POLICY: In the event of a forced cancellation due to any unanticipated changes to COVID related legislation or COVID related illness after the booking has been confirmed, the following policy will apply. The client can decide, AT THE LATEST, by 4.00pm the day before the tour, to either: Elect to take the tour at a later date agreed upon by CSA & the client OR ii. Use the equivalent credit (valid for up to 12 months) towards a future outing ORiii. Elect to accept a full refund if re-scheduling is not possible. No compensation or refunds will be granted after this cut-off time.