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Sidecar Caffè

Pop in at the Sidecar Depot for a steaming hot coffee experience. We use only the freshest roasted beans from TRUTH coffe. Come and try for yourself, you’ll be hooked. Click here to go to the caffe


Own your own Sidecar

If you just can’t get enough, and you long to own one of these classics for yourself, we at Cape Sidecar Adventures can help you there too! Not only do we sell these rugged, reliable, must-have beauties, but we specialise in spare parts and servicing too. As the only commercial importer and distributor of Chang Jiang CJ750 Sidecars in South Africa, we sell to enthusiasts countrywide. Click here to view our range.

Look the part


So, you’ve taken a trip, fallen in love, bought yourself a sidecar, but you want to look the part and, for this, you need those essential finishing touches. We supply leather jackets for women and men, leather tank helmets, retro or mod goggles, waterproof ponchos, and more. You’ll look pretty good in this gear on the bike or off! Click here to browse through our product range.